A couple enjoy a glass of wine at a Come Paint With Us classA question we tend to get asked a lot is, “What should I wear to paint and sip?” The fact is, you have many outfit options for a Come Paint With Us class!
Try not to worry about getting paint on your clothes. Even though splatters are a possibility, most of our guests leave with their clothes looking as clean as did when they arrived. This is because Come Paint With Us provides each of our guests with an apron. It’s also because most of the work we do in a paint and sip class isn’t messy.
Many painters go out to eat or get drinks after leaving class, so they wear something cute and stylish, but not fussy. It’s okay if you’d like to dress super casual, though! Wear what makes you feel good, whether that’s skinny jeans and boots or your favorite t-shirt.
Here are some quick tips on what to wear (and what not to wear)!
Remove Accessories
It’s best to put your rings in your pocket or leave them at home. While the paint will come out eventually if it gets on them, you can avoid having to scrub paint off your wedding band later.
Accessories that will dangle, such as bracelets, scarves, and necklaces aren’t ideal for your painting project. We’ll provide a safe place for you to put your coats, scarves, and any other item you don’t want at your painting station.
No Bell Sleeves
A man having fun at a paint and sip classAvoid wearing a shirt that has long flowy sleeves, such as boho-style tops with loose-fitting sleeves. Sleeves that roll up are a good choice, so long as they stay rolled up. Shirts that fit more snugly are less likely to graze against a wet canvas accidentally.
Rock a Colorful Pattern
Outfits with a bright and colorful pattern are perfect for painting! These prints will camouflage any paint you might spill. Plus, the vibrant color and lively print might get you into a creative mood. This tip works even better if your clothes include some of the colors used in the painting!
No Dry Clean Items, Please
Anytime you’re working with art materials and there’s wine involved, it’s best to stick to something that’s machine washable. A dry-clean-only shirt, acrylic paints, and a bottle of red wine don’t make a winning combination. So, set aside your cashmere, silk, and lace for another occasion.
And there you have it! It’s easy to strike the perfect balance of cute, comfortable, and painting-friendly for your next paint and sip class. Cheers!