Team Building Sessions

The class was lots of fun, easy to follow along, and the instruction was great!


Team Building exercise and fun!Are you looking for a unique team building experience for your employees? Team Building Sessions @ Come Paint With Us offer a fun and creative outlet for people to come together. Because the very nature of painting is personal interpretation, it gives each of your team members an opportunity to use their skills and talents in their own unique ways.  Coming together to paint is something that will foster fun and enjoyment for your entire company!

We are able to customize your painting, as well as your music and food offerings.  We can work with you to create the perfect opportunity for the outcome you desire.  We can even help you select the painting based on the overall goal of your team spending this time together!

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Team Building FAQs

Do you offer private events for company team building and camaraderie?

team receives feedback and instructionsWhat if I have to cancel or reschedule?