Private Parties & Events

The class had a friendly atmosphere; everyone was so encouraging that it made getting a gorgeous painting feel attainable!

Painting class set up at the foothills event center

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Private Parties and Events @ Come Paint With Us are a great way to do something new together and have a celebration at the same time. We offer private parties for groups who would like to gather together to celebrate, build camaraderie, or just have fun!

We have set up options for groups who would like to choose their own painting from our gallery. You can also choose specialty music and food. If your group is from out of town and would prefer a smaller canvas for easy travel, please just ask when booking your event. To schedule your private party, please call Come Paint With Us at 530-271-1000.


A Private Party would Be Perfect for:

group painted the gold country barn• Birthday parties
• Girls night out
• Baby or bridal showers
• Bachelorette parties
• Reunions
• Moms’ groups
• Church or ladies’ groups
• A fun alternative to Bunco!

Remember, Absolutely no Painting or Art Experience Required!

Private Parties and Events @ Come Paint With Us allow you to choose the type of painting for your group, including paintings that are:

• Detailed landscapesgroup painted a landscape of poppy fields
• Scenes from the Gold Country
• Classics from the Masters
• Pets
• Still life
• Florals
• Ocean and beach scenes
• Whimsical
• Seasonal paintings
• Vintage images
• Vineyard and wine themes
• Fairy and fantasy
• Changing themes throughout the year!

Private Party FAQs

Do you offer group or private party classes?

What if I schedule a private party and have to cancel or reschedule our private event?