Experience Famous Art from the Comfort of Your Home!

A young couple having fun on the Google Arts & Culture App in their homeYou’ve got an art museum in your purse, and all you have to do is download it! Google Arts & Culture provides you with several ways to experience art, history, and culture without having to leave your home. It even lets you see what famous art looks like on your own walls at home!
As many businesses have had to close up shop and people have been staying home during the pandemic, a little education and culture are wonderful! And taking a virtual tour of a national park, iconic landmark, or museum doesn’t have to stop at your desktop.
Actually, the Google Arts & Culture phone app has lots of ways that you can experience great art with your own phone. You don’t need to be on a laptop or have WiFi, but you’ll need your phone’s network.
This app has some pretty astonishing features that you can use your phone’s camera to obtain. So, it gives you an interactive experience and lets you view some of the most incredible artwork from around the world. Using the app along with your phone’s built-in camera turns your smartphone into a museum! For more info and to download the free app to try for yourself, visit the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android).
These are four of the ways you can use your camera to explore some astonishing features on the Google Arts & Culture app:

1. Art Gallery

With this app, your phone transforms into an art gallery. With this feature, you can browse complete collections from artists throughout history. As an example, you can view all 36 paintings that Vermeer created, including “Girl With The Pearl Earring,” in impressive detail just by using your phone.

2. Art Projector

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to have famous art on display in your own home, this feature is for you! To make a virtual gallery in your own home, tap on your phone’s camera. Life-sized artworks can be brought into your home and situated anywhere. Now you can see exactly how “Starry Night” would look on your living room wall!

Photo of Art Selfie feature COURTESY OF GOOGLE ARTS & CULTURE


3. Art Selfie

The selfie feature on the Google Arts & Culture app went viral a couple of years ago when it was first launched. You might remember seeing tons of friends on social media posting their best (or worst) selfies alongside famous works of art. With the art selfie feature, you can have fun finding your art “doppelganger.” The app matches your facial characteristics with famous portraits.

4. Color Palette

Have you ever wondered what paintings use the same color scheme as your comforter? The color palette feature of the Google Arts & Culture app lets you browse dozens of artworks with the same color composition. All you need is a photo in your own camera reel. You can find out which iconic works also use the same cool tones as that gorgeous rug you’ve been eyeing at Ethan Allen.
Visit the Google Arts & Culture website to get more information about these fun interactive features!