Two women checking out their friends on InstagramThe statewide order to “Shelter in Place” has many of us on the Internet more often than we typically are. Many people enjoy mindlessly scrolling through their Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok feeds as a break from it all. If you’re on Instagram, you’ve no doubt gotten a glimpse into the lives of your friends, acquaintances, and maybe a few celebrities too. But if they’re the only people you follow, you’re missing out. 
To get some creative motivation, think about following these one-of-a-kind artists on Instagram. Not only will you be filling your Instagram feed with continuously positive images, but you’ll also have the opportunity to get tips and techniques for painting!
Instagram is packed with some of the best contemporary artists, who upload their Instagram-filtered work for the public to consume. We think you’ll find these artists’ accounts to be more attractive than your cousin’s photos of food or your college friend’s concert pics. These artists are providing you images that are both eye-opening and inspiring.
Carolyn Gavin paints using bright colors and happy designs. Her preferred medium seems to be watercolor and pen & ink.
She also uploads short videos of her painting methods from start to finish. What a beautiful way to discover and learn!


Lisa Solomon is an ambitious artist and enjoys teaching others in the arts. Her Instagram feed is full of unexpected treasures, from crochet projects to street scenes.
Follow Lisa for refreshing and inspiring yet down-to-earth images.
Paul Ferney is an artist who paints in the oil medium, often creating landscapes and romantic portraits.
Follow Paul to discover how to transfer his oil painting techniques to your next acrylic painting class at Come Paint With Us!
Patricia Vargas is an acrylic and digital media painter. She creates dreamy abstracts that are both soft and sophisticated.
Patricia posts lots of close-up photos of her compositions as they’re in the development phase. She also uploads her finished pieces framed in their buyers’ homes.

Come Paint With Us is on Instagram too! Follow @comepaintwithus to see gorgeous paintings from our artist instructors, and to get info on upcoming classes and specials!


Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on January 3, 2017, and has since been updated.