Discover what Come Paint With Us classes are all aboutAt Come Paint With Us, people from all walks of life swap their phone for a paintbrush for a few hours. Many who attend Come Paint With Us classes work nine-to-five jobs and need a way to loosen up. These classes give a break from the daily grind. Because you can’t get it wrong, these classes take all of the pressure off.
Artists of all skill levels attend Come Paint With Us classes, from professionals looking to revive their talent to beginners who haven’t picked up a brush since grade school. We encourage people to come back and paint again and continue to do it. Some say that they’re happy to get back to a hobby they’ve always loved. Others just want to try learning something new. Many want a fun way to meet up with friends, and they don’t want to hang out at a bar.
Many people use the phrase “paint and sip” because drinks are involved. These classes allow you the chance to hang out and talk to people. The classes not only take the pressure off being a great painter, but they also take the stress off being social. That’s because you all have something that you are focused on.
Woman paints the edges of her canvas at a Come Paint With Us classWatching everyone in class suddenly become deeply engrossed in their work is the most fulfilling part of what we do. People are indulging and having a good time. They end the class with a big smile, marveling at what they painted. People who haven’t painted since elementary school are often surprised at what they created in a short time (even after a few drinks). This art is a discovery and surprise of what you make, what you create.
For those of us who feel like their lives sway between their inbox and Netflix account, Come Paint With Us provides a night where the only thing you have to worry about is painting on a blank canvas. So if you’re looking for a way to get back a small part of your life from the digital world, maybe it’s time to think about a Come Paint With Us class. It may not transform you into a professional artist, but it might provide you a break from the daily grind. And who knows? You might even step back, surprised at the art you’ve created.
Proceeds from Come Paint With Us classes benefit Lifetime Adoption Foundation, a local 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The Lifetime Adoption Foundation provides assistance to women and children in need, as well as scholarships to birth mothers who have lovingly chosen adoption.