Guy having fun at a Come Paint With Us paint & sip class Ever wonder what exactly makes paint & sip classes so much fun? Are they worth all the hype?
Paint and sip classes are one of the largest growing activities created solely for adults. They are actually as fun as they seem. All the photos and promotions surrounding painting parties are there for a reason: they’re as informative as they are entertaining!
Check out these eight reasons why paint & sip classes are so fun:

1. Catch Up With Friends

A Come Paint With Us class is the perfect spot to catch up with friends who you haven’t seen in awhile. From work friends to college friends to neighbors, there are so many friends you can bring to a paint & sip that the fun will never end.

2. Celebrate Creatively

You can throw a friend’s bachelorette party, celebrate a birthday, or mark another special occasion with a paint & sip party. Paint & sip parties are an excellent plan not only for celebrations but also for team building sessions.
“I’m always looking for fun and exciting things to do on date night with my boyfriend,” says Stephanie, a recent paint class-goer. We had the best instructor, she took her time explaining each step and came by to see if we had any questions. She encouraged us to make the painting our own as opposed to painting it exactly like the picture. This was super fun!”

3. Create While You Sip

We think that painting as you sip with friends is better than hanging out a bar, downing pints as you watch a sports game. Not that we don’t love sports, but a paint and sip class gives you a chance to actually make something while you hang out with friends.
“What a fantastic experience! The instructor was both patient and inspiring. I enjoyed every minute, the beautiful surroundings of The Foothills Event Center, the music, the wine and the snacks! The best part is that I was actually able to create a beautiful piece of artwork, which I never thought was possible. Thank you, Come Paint With Us! This is truly a “must do” in Grass Valley!” enthuses Karen, who comes to our classes a few times a year.
Woman paints the edges of her canvas at a Come Paint With Us class

4. Lighten Up

Painting is a learned skill, and it takes professionals years of study to develop expertise. So we encourage you to take these classes with a grain of salt. Come Paint With Us classes are meant to be creative, lighthearted, and fun! Doing creative projects, whether they end up as masterpieces or not, is just plain good for you.

5. Meet New People

At Come Paint With Us, we like to set the room up in rows. So, you might end up sitting next to someone you’ve never met before. Take this as an opportunity to make a new friend. As an adult done with school, it can be hard to meet new people outside of work, the gym, or church. You never know where or how you’ll meet your new best friend: it could be at one of our paint & sip classes!

6. De-stress

Because painting is a very focused activity, you might find that while you’re at it, you forget about work projects and paying the bills. Escaping from your everyday grind is a great way to let some of it go. Many find that at the end of a Come Paint With Us class, they feel grounded, more connected with the self, and happy from the energy of the class all at the same time!

7. Create Art

Paint and sip classes let you make something you can be proud of. Why buy something when you can create it? Get your painting framed and give it as a gift to a loved one. They’ll appreciate the effort you put in to make them this heartfelt handmade gift!
Plus, it feels so great to hang a piece of art in your home that you actually made. It gives you a huge sense of pride and accomplishment! “Fun time! For a beginner, I was happy with the results! My painting turned out better than I thought it would. The instructor gave lots of help,” says Aaron, who came to a Come Paint With Us class for the first time last month.

8. Live a Well-rounded Life

It’s easy to get set in your ways, doing the everyday mundane activities of life. By pushing yourself to try a little something different or outside of your comfort zone, you’ll grow as a person. Trying a paint & sip class provides you with life experience that you can share with others.
Whether you’re looking for a way to kick back and enjoy a glass of wine with friends or to learn a new skill, we’re sure you’ll find a fun new hobby in the midst of it all!

Join the fun, and come paint with us! Check out our class calendar so that you can grab a seat at an upcoming paint & sip class.

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