Colleagues show off their collaborative work of artTeam building is an integral part of any workplace culture. If done right, it can boost productivity, collaboration, and team spirit. But what happens when you run out of ideas for your next team-building event? Or, when your employees get tired of the same work lunches, trust falls and required group trips?
If you’re looking for a fun, creative way to inspire your team and establish connections that can lead to greater teamwork, a team-building session at Come Paint With Us is the answer!
Whether you’re hoping to improve collaboration or communication, Come Paint With Us will arrange the best approach for your event. Plus, we’ll remove any worries about your artwork not measuring up. We encourage you to loosen up, have fun, and get to know each other outside work. You might even find that many employees bring their paintings back to the office to spruce up their cubicle!
painting instructor offers tips in painting classTraditional team building activities tend to be competitive (like sports) which can be stressful for some employees. We know that’s the exact opposite effect you are hoping to achieve! Come Paint With Us is unlike those stressful team building activities that no one really wants to participate in. Instead, your team can enjoy a relaxed environment of expressing their creativity through paint. The focus isn’t on competing, but rather on having fun.
At Come Paint With Us, team building has never been more fun! We offer a variety of paintings to choose from; just check out our gallery of paintings. Or, let the artists at Come Paint With Us create a custom painting for you. Whatever you end up deciding to paint, you can be sure you will have a blast doing it!
You’ll get to see your employees working together in a way that you wouldn’t normally see at the office, and even from different departments. It’s good to bring different departments together since the marketing team doesn’t ordinarily get to interact with the people in accounting. By building cross-departmental relationships, you’re supporting teamwork and communication back in the office. They can interact with their coworkers as they have fun painting in a relaxed environment.
Ready to bring everyone together, inspire your team, and boost creativity? Book your corporate team building session with Come Paint With Us today! We can accommodate both large and small parties ranging from 10 individuals to 200. Host your session in our chic studio at the Foothills Event Center, or choose a venue of your own! Since every business is different, Come Paint With Us will work with you to identify your needs for your team building event.

Call us today at 530-271-1000 and we’ll arrange a fun team building paint session for you!