People really enjoyed our Stars, Stripes, and Pines class!From all of us at Come Paint With Us, we wish you a happy and safe 4th of July with family and friends! We salute the people whose sacrifices have made this great country possible. Let us never forget the sweat, toil and sacrifices of the brave souls that fought and served for the pride and peace of our nation.
Come Paint With Us had a patriotic paint and sip class a couple of weeks ago, called “Stars, Stripes, and Pines.” At this star-spangled paint and sip, painters enjoyed creating a decoration for their in your home in celebration of our country’s independence! People really loved that the image of the simple yet stunning American flag with a forest skyline silhouette reminded them of Nevada County. We received some great feedback on this paint and sip class, and we wanted to share it with you today!
Painter at our Stars, Stripes, and Pines class“Awesome experience! I highly recommend for anyone who loves to drink wine and wants to explore their creative side.”
“Our instructor, Julia, was fabulous. She was very welcoming and enthusiastic. Julia made painting for a novice like me, easy and enjoyable.”
“It was a nice relaxed atmosphere.”
“My painting turned out a lot better than I expected. It was a fun experience, and I’d be happy to do it again!”

At a Come Paint With Us class, you can savor wine or beer from the Foothills bar as you receive step-by-step guidance from an instructor. With a glass of wine in hand and your canvas in front of you, a paint and sip class gives you a quick, fun way to get creative! All of the classes at Come Paint With Us are beginner-friendly, you don’t need an art background to take part.
And did you know that when you come to a Come Paint With Us for a paint and sip class, you’re not just embracing your creative side? You’re also supporting a local non-profit organization! All proceeds from our classes benefit the Lifetime Adoption Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)3 charity with a focus on children and human services. We strive to be a socially responsible company which transforms lives through purposeful giving. We invite you to kick back and have some fun with your friends while giving back!

Sneak Preview…This Popular River Scene Returns!

Yuba River paint and sip classNext Thursday, Come Paint With us is bringing back one of our most popular paintings, the Yuba River!
July 11th from 6:00 to 8:30 pm, we’ll teach you how to paint this gorgeous local treasure in acrylic. We’ll equip you with all of the needed art supplies as well as one-on-one guidance so that you can easily capture the beauty of the Yuba River.
Don’t worry, it’s easier than it looks! Learn more and sign up here: Yuba River Paint & Sip Class.