Julia poses during a break at a paint and sip classWe recently had the opportunity to sit down and talk with, Julia Ward, the Creative Director at Come Paint With Us. In addition to holding an MFA (Master of Fine Arts) degree and actively creating paintings for private clients, Julia has built quite a following with her paint and sip classes.
Hailing from Germany, Julia has lived in the States since 1998 and in Nevada County since 2006. Julia shares about her background in art and what instructing our fun paint and sip classes is like:

“Previously, I taught college courses in art and have been painting for more than 20 years. But I was always curious about the appeal of being guided during a short painting class. Teaching the paint and sip classes at Come Paint with Us has been a new and exciting experience for me!
I enjoy seeing the delight on people’s faces at the end of every class. Something I hear often is, ‘I can’t believe I painted this!’ Hearing that is one of the greatest rewards for a paint and sip instructor. I love it when people are happy and excited about seeing their creativity blossom!
Julia shares a laugh with a Come Paint With Us participantI also do graphic design and create websites for Mardie Caldwell’s other companies, Lifetime Adoption, and the Foothills Event Center. She’s a real visionary and pioneer in her field! So when she brought up the idea of starting a paint and sip program here at the Foothills Event Center, I was eager to see how it would transpire.
Now, I’ve come to know exactly why these classes are so fun and enriching. Sure, you’re creating a painting and then taking it home to be hung in your living room or given as a gift. But it goes deeper than that.
It’s the experience that people have at our paint and sip classes that really counts. People at our classes enjoy learning about colors and brushes in a casual way, painting with a like-minded crowd, and having realizations in each simple step of painting.
It’s marvelous observing everyone enjoying the painting process and watching their unique creativity unfold. With paint and sip classes, there’s no pressure attached to make your painting perfect in any way.
A glass of wine or some beer helps make sure it’s a light-hearted, fun time with friends. These classes are about having fun in a laid-back atmosphere while creating your own painting from scratch. It’s a great date night activity or way to spend an afternoon with friends. I’m grateful to be a part of it!”

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