It’s that time of year to reflect on the previous year and set goals for the new one. Would you like to have a more creative year? Here are three New Year’s resolutions, free for the taking, that will make 2019 a year full of creativity:

1. Appreciate Real Art

Did you know that viewing art can boost cognitive growth and improve your mood? Here are some ideas you can use to appreciate art in the New Year:

  • Make a New Year’s resolution to visit a different museum every month (or every other month)
  • Get a membership at a local art museum, and get the most out of it by going to all the openings. There’s typically music and free food at the openings of new exhibits. So, you’ll have date night covered, and you can share the experience with your significant other! Many museums are kid-friendly and offer activities for little ones, so you can get your children involved, too.
  • Follow new and upcoming artists on Instagram to get some creative motivation. By doing so, you’ll fill your Instagram with positive images and get tips and techniques for painting! For ideas on which artists to watch, check out “4 Awesome Artists to Follow on Instagram.”

    2. Get a Sketchbook

    Keeping a sketchbook can mean many things, so you can adjust this to fit you. If you love the outdoors, you could make a New Year’s resolution to do one nature drawing every day. If you like creating collages, gather inspiring paper scraps. Get some high-quality paper glue and fill your sketchbook pages with paper creations.
    You might establish a goal to create a double-page spread in your sketchbook each day. This can be simple: just open your sketchbook and fill two pages with anything that comes to mind. There’s no pressure to be perfect.
    Man paints and enjoys some Cabernet sauvignon

    3. Attend a Paint & Sip Class

    Let your imagination go, grow and blossom by coming to one of our paint & sip classes! You don’t need any experience to attend, and we’ll provide you with easy to follow, step-by-step instructions.
    Trust us, you’ll surprise yourself with your finished painting! All of the supplies and materials you’ll need are provided. You’ll go home with a finished masterpiece and a wonderfully creative experience. Our next paint & sip class is happening next Tuesday; we’ll teach your how to paint a peaceful image of a tree swing at sunset. You can learn more here.

    Visit our online calendar to browse all of the upcoming classes at Come Paint With Us.

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