creating a beautiful watercolor painting of Tahoe ShoreCome Paint With Us had a PACKED watercolor paint and sip class last Sunday! We sold out of tickets for this class early, so we want to encourage you to sign up for classes early on. If you see a class on the Come Paint With Us calendar that you’d like to attend, make sure to sign up as soon as possible!
At this popular paint and sip class, our Artistic Director Julia Ward provided guidance in painting the shores of Lake Tahoe in watercolor. This gorgeous lake is a favorite vacation destination for many of us. So, it’s a welcome addition for living room walls, or to give as a gift. Lots of people joined us to enjoy fresh creativity, delicious appetizers, good wine, and friendly company!
As this watercolor painting class came to a close, Come Paint With Us asked attendees for feedback. They provide us with anonymous, honest reviews about the painting subject, class structure, the instructor, the paint and sip class as a whole.
Happy painters after the Tahoe Shore watercolor class

Here are the reviews of our watercolor paint and sip class,
“Tahoe Shore”:

“I’m definitely going to take another painting class here, this was fun!”
“I’m an experienced artist, and I enjoyed the class. Next time, I want to try it with a friend!”
“Learning about watercolors was really fun! All around, a fun class!”
“Would love to take another paint and sip class at Come Paint With Us!”
“For Christmas, my husband gave me a Come Paint With Us gift certificate. I used it on your Tahoe Shore watercolor class, and truly enjoyed it. Thank you!”

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