Bagna Cauda celebration in Grass Valley on March 10!Come Paint With Us is excited to let you know about an upcoming fundraiser, with proceeds going to the same non-profit that we support, Lifetime Adoption Foundation! On Saturday, March 10th, the Foothills Event Center will host the first annual Bagna Cauda, a traditional Italian family-style meal.
This is a great opportunity for friends, family, and communities to come together around an Italian bubbling pot of garlic and olive oil. Vegetables, beef, chicken, shrimp, and bread are dipped, one after another, in the garlicky-rich dip while enjoying wine and good company. Garlic lovers are typically the first in line to get a spot at a Bagna Cauda. In fact, it’s been described as “a celebration of heritage, camaraderie, and an affinity for consuming garlic!”
With Italian wines and live music, come enjoy the tastes and traditions of a Bagna Cauda on March 10 at The Foothills Event Center in Grass Valley. If you love Italian food and drink, this is a unique opportunity to experience an authentic meal, rarely seen outside of Italy or Italian families.
The event is going to be catered by Granzella’s in Williams, California. They’ve been hosting very popular Bagna Cauda events for over 20 years using an authentic recipe, the original of which is preserved in the Accedemia Italiana della Cucina. All proceeds from the Bagna Cauda celebration will benefit the local non-profit, Lifetime Adoption Foundation, which raises funds to assist babies and children find forever families.
The Foothills Event Center’s bar will open for a social hour at noon, and lunch will be served at 1:00 pm. You can purchase a tickets online at or at Briar Patch in Grass Valley.