give yourself the gift of creativity and come paint with us!Do you feel like you’re always running from one thing to the next, juggling work, the house, family, and staying fit? Now that the holidays have passed, it’s time to give yourself a gift: a break from being “on the go” all the time. Being on the go constantly starts to take its toll if you don’t stop and care for yourself once in awhile. And we don’t mean just eating healthy and getting enough sleep, but really caring for you.
Taking some time for yourself to relax and unwind will make you better equipped to deal with everyday stress. Try doing a little something for yourself from time to time. To replenish your energy, try a paint and sip class as a fresh departure from the old stand-bys of yoga, massage, or a nice long bath. Today, we’re writing about how to best give yourself the gift of creativity!
All of us have a bit of creativity; the key is to find a way to bring it out. Creativity makes life unbelievably interesting and fulfilling. It allows you to “think outside the box,” see the world in new ways and come up with different solutions. Everyone can benefit from creativity, from a businesswoman who’s trying to fix an issue with a challenging client to a stay-at-home mom whose kids complain of boredom.
You might be wondering “how can I encourage creativity?” There are many ways to boost your well-being and let your creativity flow. Here are a few ideas:
Students enjoying painting & wine classTake “Me” Time
Make time for self-care, because it’s pretty unlikely that this time will just magically fall into your lap. This might mean actually setting aside time in your schedule each week just for you.
Spend this time doing something that you love to do. Meditation, exercise, and yoga are great ways to clear your mind. But it doesn’t have to be that fancy. Simply sitting in the sunshine with a cup of tea can do the trick.
Try Something Different
What better way to spark your creativity than by trying something new? Consider an unknown activity, a brand-new setting, and the fun that comes along with it. Doing something different will open your mind to thinking in new ways!
Give Yourself a Challenge
This one is for those of you who keep to-do lists! You know that satisfying feeling you get when you can check something off your list? Why not set yourself a challenge in creativity? You can help yourself stick to a plan by working towards an end goal. The satisfaction you’ll get at the end will be so worth it!
Students enjoy paint classSpark your Creativity
The best way to get “me time” AND to encourage creativity at the same time is a paint and sip class! Step out your comfort zone and give yourself the challenge of getting artsy. Come Paint With Us hosts paint and sip classes multiple times a month! You’re able to create your own artistic masterpiece with the step-by-step guidance from a painting instructor in just a few hours, regardless of your painting experience. We believe that art is a creative expression, not a competition.
Our painting classes are a wonderful opportunity to come together with friends, family or colleagues and connect in a fun and relaxed environment. And there’s wine and beer, so fun is guaranteed! With our flexible times and subjects, you’re bound to find something that fits.

Take a look at our Winter 2018 class schedule by clicking here!