Sunny canvas brings out smiles in GV paint and wine classAre you the type who changes outfits a few times before you make it out the door for a night out? When you add the chance of getting paint on your carefully-selected ensemble, wardrobe selection gets a bit trickier.

A Come Paint With Us class is a social event, and you may have a nice dinner out planned that evening as well. You definitely don’t want to wear the paint-splattered sweatshirt from your last DIY project. But you really don’t want the chance of getting paint on your favorite “night out” outfit.

Here are a few tips for selecting the perfect thing to wear to a Come Paint With Us class. But before we begin, we want to mention that most Come Paint With Us attendees don’t get any paint (or wine!) on their clothes!

Delve Deep Into Your Closet

You’re looking for those clothes that you just can’t seem to get rid of but never actually wear. This is a perfect opportunity to get some use out of them! Dig until you find something you like enough to have kept, but aren’t so in love with you’d be upset if it got stained.

Keep it Simple

fun at one of our painting and wine classes

Leave your favorite pair of jeans at home and wear another pair that you don’t care about as much. Pick something pretty but not elaborate, such as skinny jeans, ballet flats, and a cute top. Avoid wearing white, anything made of silk, or anything that holds sentimental value. Come Paint With Us will provide you with an apron to protect your clothes. But typically, there aren’t huge amounts of paint landing in places other than the canvas. Still, try and avoid wearing anything that you would be crushed to lose.

Select Something Colorful

Here’s a genius idea for picking what to wear to our painting and wine classes: wear something with a bold pattern, or that’s multicolored. That way, if you do drop paint on it, it’ll blend right in!

If you’re a planner and love to get detail-oriented, check out our calendar to see which painting you’ll be creating. Then, you can select an outfit that’s in matching colors so that any stray paint won’t show.

Pick an Official Painting Outfit

Here’s a real pro tip: wear the same thing every time you come to a Come Paint With Us class! It might be an entire outfit or just a simple sweater you use to cover up your date night outfit underneath. If you’re wearing your official painting and wine outfit, you won’t be stressed out when wine or paint splatters happen!

Did we mention we provide aprons?!

Your Come Paint With Us apron will match with any outfit, and you can also put your purse or other accessories in a safe place, far away from wandering paint. Whatever you choose to wear to Come Paint With Us, it’s sure to be a fun time, full of photo-ops!