Hello beautiful private paint class in Grass Valley CAIt’s almost time for your next workplace team-building event! Instead of scheduling the boring old standby activities like a softball game, happy hour, bowling, potluck lunch, or an adventure course, consider painting and wine class. A team building paint class at Come Paint With Us is low-key, non-competitive, and doesn’t require making enough potato salad for your whole office! Read on to learn 6 benefits to booking a painting class as a team building event…
The painting and wine experience at Come Paint With Us is a perfect team building activity because it encourages positive interaction. Plus you’re in an environment that’s 100% clear of workplace pressures and politics.

Here are the benefits to booking a painting class as your next team building activity!

(You’re free to copy and paste these notes for a PowerPoint presentation to persuade your boss.)

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  1. It’ll Promote Positive Socializing
    The Come Paint With Us environment is designed to be encouraging, relaxing, and supportive. In this fun but low-key atmosphere, your “water cooler talk” can easily evolve into a more meaningful conversation.

  3. Painting is Non-Competitive
    Sports games and other competitions tend to divide and frustrate employees. Often, employees are struggling with competitiveness and cliques in the workplace. A painting and wine class is a comfortable activity that won’t set anyone up to be “winners” and “losers” or divide your team.

  5. It Improves Creative Problem-Solving 
    Many studies show that engaging in creative activities stimulate brand-new neural pathways in the brain. When you join this with the stress-reducing effect of painting, your team will be better equipped to find solutions to various issues and problems. You can also present your boss with this interesting article: “4 Powerful Benefits of Painting and Wine Classes.”
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  7. There’s No Pressure
    There are several well-meaning team building events putting people on the spot to answer questions. Others entail lots of physical activity. Both of these types of events become stressful for those who aren’t good at sports or who don’t like to be in the spotlight. Painting is a great activity because it’s comfortable for any personality type. Come Paint With Us recognizes that some people get nervous about how their painting is coming along. There are no expectations; just relax and enjoy the process!

  9. It Attracts Prospective New Employees
    Painting classes are a creative means of showing employees you care about their well-being. Publicizing photos of the team building painting class on Facebook, Instagram, and your company website shows job candidates your company values its employees.

  11. All Painting Supplies Are Provided
    Come Paint With Us makes sure that everything you need to create the painting is provided for you. We’ll set up each employee’s painting station with paint brushes, canvas, an apron, an easel, and paint. All your team needs to do is show up!


Once you convince your boss to hold a team building event with Come Paint With Us, have your planning committee call us at 530-271-1000 to discuss available dates and other details.