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I thought that the class was held at a good pace, and liked that it was low-key: no pressure!

Transform any event into a creative and fun celebration by booking a Private Painting Party or Team Building session with Come Paint With Us at the Foothills Event Center!

You can choose a painting featured in the gallery below or send us an image, link or idea of a piece you would like to paint with your group. Our experienced instructors will evaluate your suggestion and create a composition tailored to your request and with easy to follow steps.

Contact us today with your ideas or date for your private party.

Your class was awesome, relaxing, and very fun!

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Upcoming Class

Peacock painting for The Nest fundraiser

The Nest Fundraiser Paint Night!

hearts header
Join us for a date night or bring a friend with our two-for-$58 special ($90 value). Includes free glass of wine for each of you

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