Last Weekend’s Paint and Sip Class Was a Hit!

Come Paint With Us hosted a fun paint and sip class last weekend! Attendees were given simple, step-by-step instruction by Jeanne Bradshaw as they created the acrylic painting "Birch Trees."   Everyone had a blast, with many of them being first-time painters!...

3 Talented Nevada County Painters to Watch

"Painting is easy when you don't know how, but very difficult when you do." -Edgar Degas   Nevada County is home to many talented and creative painters. You can find fantastic local and regional art in Grass Valley's and Nevada City's downtown galleries. Plus,...

For a Good Time, Come to a Paint and Sip Class in Grass Valley!

Grab a friend and join us for a fantastic paint and sip class! Come Paint With Us is located in the heart of Grass Valley, on Idaho Maryland Road just off exit 182B from Highway 49. Our easygoing instructors will teach you the step-by-step method of completing the...

How to Keep Paint on Your Canvas (and Off Your Stuff!)

Painting can get unpredictably messy! Some people can paint in their Sunday best, without an apron or drop cloth, and not get a speck of paint on them. But for most of us, flecks of paint end up here and there.   Today, Come Paint With Us is sharing a few ways to...

What Are the Benefits of Art Therapy?

Art therapy is a mental health profession that enriches the lives of individuals through the creative process and the active creation of art. By using the creative process, the subject can express their emotions and work through any emotional issues they've been...

What to Wear When You Come Paint With Us

Are you the type who changes outfits a few times before you make it out the door for a night out? When you add the chance of getting paint on your carefully-selected ensemble, wardrobe selection gets a bit trickier. A Come Paint With Us class is a social event, and...

Everything You Want to Know for Your First Painting & Wine Class

The painting experience here at Come Paint With Us is very easy and casual. But still, it’s nice to know what to expect at your first painting & wine class. If you’re trying to coordinate a large group, this is especially true. Or if you’re trying to convince your...

Join Us Next Week for Our ‘Tree of Lights’ Painting and Wine Class!

Come Paint With Us will be hosting a fun painting and wine class next Sunday afternoon! Come join in for a fun evening; our artist instructor Azul will teach you how to create a magical scene, titled "Tree of Lights." The class will be held on Sunday, August 6th from...

Tahoe Shore Watercolor Painting Class Next Thursday!

Come Paint With Us will be hosting a watercolor painting class next Thursday night! Come join in for a fun evening; our lead watercolor painting instructor Julia Ward will teach you how to create a dreamy watercolor painting of the Tahoe shore. The class will be held...

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